Exhibitions & Events

GN @ Indiecon Hamburg

Join us on the 7th and 8th of September at this years Indiecon in Hamburg.


Exhibition opening on Thursday, September, 5th at 7pm

GN @ POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair

Join us at this years POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair from 12 - 15 September 2019


The art of street photography, the technique of photographing human interactions in a public place, is a term that means different things to different photographers.


We’re thrilled to announce Timo von Eicken’s upcoming exhibition in Wismar with cooperation from the Galerie Kristine Hamann!

Uwe Lewitzky – Kein Schiff wird kommen

Lewitzky manages to create a productive confusion that enables free thinking and discernment.

Verantwortung im Design – Gespräch und Diskussion

Verantwortung im Design ist ein Thema, mit dem sich ganze Konferenzen und Publikationen füllen lassen. Dass Design gesellschaftliche Relevanz hat und damit Verantwortung einhergeht, sollte eigentlich selbstverständlich sein...

Ivy Flindt – In Every Move – Unplugged Concert

To celebrate the book release, the artist duo Ivy Flindt will play an exclusive unplugged concert in our gallery on Friday, December 14.

Rayk Goetze – Dark Ruhm

Mysterious, enigmatic, color-intensive - the artworks of Rayk Goetze have a lot to offer. With the exhibition „Dark Ruhm“ Gudberg Nerger presents this painter's first solo-show, who...

Jill Tegan Doherty – The Forest As An Alternate Kingdom

In Jill Tegan Dohertys pictures nature isn’t an oasis of calm for the exhausted townsfolk of the digital age, but the forest as an „alternate kingdom“ has the...