Art is blabla – let's talk about art! Galleries are in fashion and emerging on every corner. However, the concept of pure solo exhibitions has long gone out of style. So if you’re not interested in entertaining a couple of art show tourists with sparkling wine, you have to conceive of and present art in a different context. You have to create interesting, inspiring, and sometimes irritating experiences.


Established in 2014, GUDBERG NERGER is a gallery of contemporary art, photography and design based in the centre of Hamburg, playing an important role in the city’s cultural life. The gallery represents international artists in the areas of painting, photography, illustration and design, has put on several exhibitions, and participates at national and international fairs. GUDBERG NERGER also runs a publishing house for art and design books and a think tank for art and design projects.


Timo von Eicken – PRE:POSITION
Felix Eckardt
Svenja Maaß
Timo von Eicken – PROCRASTI NATION
Timo von Eicken – Maybe tomorrow
Jill Tegan Doherty – Hungry Lungs
Konrad Ross – Mundraub
Sarah Kretchmer – Ordinary Magic
Levke Leiss & Karla Helene Hecker – Wirklichkeiten
Dennis Busch, Jill Tegan Doherty, Marcus Günther, Nils Kasiske, Kristin Kolb, Svenja Maaß, Stefan Mosebach and Jenni Tietze – Animalism
World Street Photography 6
Uwe Lewitzky – Kein Schiff wird kommen
Klaus Waschk – Ziemlich normal
Rayk Goetze – Dark Ruhm
Jill Tegan Doherty – The forest as an alternate kingdom
Frederik Busch – German business plants
Jesse Jacobs – Astral island
Michel Lamoller – Walls apart
Sebastian Menzke – Rising
World Street Photography 5
Lukasz Chrobok, Astrid Ehlers, Isabell Kamp, Maren Schimmer, Nike Schröder, Jenni Tietze – #WelcomeToTheRealWorld
Felix Eckardt – Urban vibes
Benjamin Haag & Patrick Hanke – combine
Ivy FlindtIn every Move
Svenja Maaß – Super
Jill Tegan DohertyThe shape of death
Maxim Brandt – So und anders
Ole Utikal – Aliens in Action
World Street Photography 4
Stefan Mosebach – Patience
Timo von Eicken – ON/OFF
Nike Schröder – So long!
Charlotte Schreiber – Looking up to the sun through tears
Ole Utikal & Ralph Baiker – Daftpunk & Rampo
Bettina Marx & Johanna Schoener – NIRGENSLAND
Tapir & Klotz – Calendar illustrations
Svenja Maaß – Polylemma
World Street Photography 3
Stefan Mosebach – Oval Orifice
Stefan Kuhnigk – Coffeemonsters
Philipp Meuser, Kolja Warnecke & Cale Garrido – Paradox County
Stefan Heyer – Corridors
Dirk Bathen – Black Out
Timo von Eicken – NONSKI
Toiletpaper Artists – The long long long toiletpaper night
Dennis Busch – Include me out