Konrad Ross – Mundraub

Invitation to the exhibition opening, March 4th, 7pm
The exhibition is on display until March 14th
What do the altruistic Bishnoi of the Indian subcontinent have in common with egocentric queen Marie Antoinette? Both are subject of the work of Konrad Ross. The artist questions the alleged certainties of fact or fiction, quote or plagiarism, repetition or development. Konrad Ross’s art centres on the exploration of identity, rituals and the physical state of being. With analytical skill and striking talent he exposes limits: the limits of physicality and perspectives. He reveals them in captivatingly surreal motifs as distorted images and in the imperfection of patina, that simultaneously reveal the process of art creation. Ross calls upon the viewer to leave his comfort zone and embark on a multifaceted journey to the limits of his own physicality, convictions, and values. However, considerate as Konrad Ross – the person – is, it remains an invitation, no obligation. The viewer has to decide for himself, if and how far he ventures into this expedition, that may lead to dark and daunting depths. By undergoing transformation processes and rituals himself, the artist empathetically exhibits the whole spectrum of humanity. Thus, his works encompass a wide range of forms of human expression from speech to image to emotion and performative acts. “If my work could be summed up in a few words or sentences, I would have failed as an artist”, Konrad Ross reflects on the complexity of his work.
“Mundraub” is a solo show with selected works of Konrad Ross’s exhibition “Let Them Eat Cake” along with further works on the topic of “food” at GUDBERG NERGER.