Michel Lamoller - Walls Apart

Apartments are habitats that express individual dreams, ideas, and lifestyles. Although they are often just a few square meters in size, as a central location of human existence, they reflect the essence of their inhabitants and provide a glimpse into their stories. In his latest series, Michel Lamoller, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, explores the "fine distinctions" within an apartment building in Berlin from the year 1897.

The three-dimensional photographic works combine sections from various apartments into a new space. In doing so, a fusion of two different lifestyles is created, a little bit from each life. Always different. Or perhaps not so unlike?

There is something enigmatic about these works, that is based on the overlap of the fragments of the two rooms. Like in a puzzle thrown together randomly - the pieces may fit together, but it results in a perplexing image. The real space enhances the presence of the works - allowing the viewers to truly immerse themselves in the works in more ways than one. The photographic reliefs are located somewhere in an individual dimension between photography and sculpture. Layer by layer the artist meticulously works on these photographs with a scalpel, thus he creates fascinating depth.

This photo series images in an impressive way the facets of dreams of society. Each apartment is like an own cosmos, separated only by a wall. And all are putting the same questions: What makes us who we are? What constitutes our identity? What binds us or separates us? What does our living space reveal about our dreams and how much do these dreams differ from those of others?

In the context of the exhibition, GUDBERG NERGER publishes the first artist-monograph of Michel Lamoller.


Opening on Friday, 7th of September at 7pm
On display until the 1st of October 

GUDBERG NERGER, Poolstraße 8, 20355 Hamburg
Mo-Fr 10am-6pm, Sa 12-6pm

The opening takes place in the context of the first joint tour of the galleries in the Neustadt. Nine galleries are open at this evening: Enfants Artspace, Feinkunst Krüger, FREELENS, Gallery Lazarus, Golden Hands, GUDBERG NERGER, heliumcowboy artspace, LKB/G and TEMPEL1844.