Group exhibition with individual works by Levke Leiss and Karla Helene Hecker as well as collective works as artist duo Lecker & Heiss GbR.
Curated by Angelika Watzl.

Exhibition opening on November, 9th 2019 from 7-11 pm
The exhibition will run until December, 7th 2019.

«Reality» (or «Wirklichkeit» in German) in the common sense of the term is everything that really exists. However, if one starts to really dwell on the concept of reality, one might conclude that it’s not all that easy to tell the difference between ’real’ and ’unreal’. The artists Levke Leiss and Karla Helene Hecker believe in a multitude of realities and one is more spectacular than the next. Their upcoming group exhibition in our gallery will give visitors a chance to see those spectacles for themselves.

With the help of ’Polychromos’ coloured pencils and a masterful technique, Levke Leiss creates a special kind of hyperrealism. Karla Helene Hecker applies a similar technique to devise enigmatic colour dimensions made of up to thirty layers that melt together into landscapes. She uses a mixed technique of oil, acrylics, varnish, and glue with traces of gold, silver, and phosphor, which lends her works a special depth and shine. The two artists have not only studied together at the ’Hochschule für Bildende Künste’ in Dresden, but also set up a workshop back in 2004, which they promisingly named ’Lecker & Heiss GbR’ – German for ’delicious & hot,’ in reference to their last names – where they frequently collaborate on art works. This is where Levke Leiss’ meticulous perfectionism meets Karla Helene Hecker’s exuberant style of painting, working hand in hand to create works of idiosyncratic beauty that invite viewers into surreal worlds and utopias.

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