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by Charlotte Schreiber

Looking Up To The Sun Through Tears

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A visual journey through Japan by Charlotte Schreiber

"I spent 44 days traveling Japan, not sure if headed for a vacation or if I went looking for myself. All I knew was that I wanted to feel something, even if nothing but loneliness would emerge. So I went from Tokyo to Hiroshima, to Kumamoto, to Kagoshima and Okinawa and then back to Tokyo again. Always torn between me diving head first into walls of anonymity and cultural differences, the utter beauty of a heartwarming country with captivating encounters and then me trying to combine my inner thoughts with the outer reality."

ISBN: 978-3-945772-28-7
Charlotte Schreiber
18 x 24 cm, 160 pages
softcover, english 
Spring 2017

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