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by zweikommasieben

ZKS zweikommasieben Magazin #27

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zweikommasieben is a Swiss magazine that is devoted to the documentation of contemporary music and sounds. The magazine features artist interviews, essays and columns as well as photography, illustration and graphics. In addition zweikommasieben organizes concerts, parties, club nights, matinees, raves and other fun events in various cities.

Language: English/German


As the team behind zweikommasieben takes its latest edition to ponder the essence of longevity, they arrive at several questions which they have worked through with their featured artists and writers. On the one hand, artistic traditions might be useful to lean on, to conjure an image and an accompanying gut feeling of a recent past. On the other hand, investing in the knowledge of traditions might allow to bend and twist them to explore ones own expression. Whether that is consciously incorporating sounds from the past to evoke historical resonances, as Courtesy did for her most recent album Violence of the Moodboard, or propelling the presentation of music forward into new traditions, such as in the work of Xzavier Stone who has recently started pairing scent with sound during his live performances. In a similar manner, Lateena Plummer proposes new traditions for a dancehall scene which finally makes space for marginalized identities and voices, a purpose directly derived from her experiences in the past, which she openly speaks about in conversation with Anna Froelicher. When Beatriz de Rijke decided to work under the moniker Bea1991, she did this as a conscious anchoring in time, with the latter part of the name being a direct reference to her year of birth. One can imagine that a birthdate might be one of the only constants in life: one that will forever connect someone to a certain generation, and maybe even to a global cultural zeitgeist.

zweikommasieben #27 includes

-interviews with / portraits on Bea1991, Christian Marclay, Courtesy, Divide and Dissolve, DJ Loser, Lateena Plummer, Somatic Rituals, and Xzavier Stone

-essays on “New Moon” by Children of the Light for Darkside

- a column on Rike Scheffle's work

- a contribution by Lou Lou Sainsbury

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