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by Whatevr

Whatevr Fanzine Issue 11

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In Issue 11, Whatevr Fanzine delves into the theme “POLY,” unfolding over 240 pages of rich, diverse narratives and visual expressions. This edition explores the complexity of modern identities and the myriad ways we connect with the world around us. Through the contributions of celebrated artists like Kenny Dunkan, Anna Pogossova, and Troy Covey, “POLY” captures the vibrant intersection of culture, art, and individual expression. Each article and artwork is a gateway to new perspectives, inviting readers to reflect on the boundless dimensions of human creativity. With a focus on inclusivity and the exploration of varied artistic realms, this issue stands as a dynamic space for discovery and dialogue. Additionally, the first 500 buyers of Whatevr will find a unique, detachable original artwork within their copy—a photographic piece by the renowned Victor Unwin. Stay intrigued.


Twice a year, WHATEVR FANZINE leads its readers on an adventure, exploring fresh perspectives. Be it fashion, society, design, or photography, we dive into a new theme with an offbeat approach and a burning curiosity.
WHATEVR FANZINE isn’t just a collection of pages ; it’s a launchpad for questioning norms and shaping new possibilities. It’s a call to think differently, to push back against the ordinary, and to embrace limitless creativity.

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