Trolli is not only one of the greatest brands of jelly fruits, but is also well known for its particularly creative innovations in the sweets aisle. Sour Glow Worms, Trolli Burgers, Eyeballs and Super Brains – to name only a few of their treats – speak for themselves. It takes a large dose of courage, craziness and ambition to think such things up and to market them successfully. And these attributes are indeed spread throughout the company in the most pleasant way. Because we’re made of similar stuff, it could only be a matter of time before we began to collaborate. And what does all this have to do with design? We brought the leading products to life: colourful 3D characters are the centre of the storytelling process toward which all their communications are aligned – TV adverts, posters, displays, website, social media, and events. We left out nothing in our design. Sour Glow Worms, Play Mice and Milch Kuh have battled together against boredom ever since and with increasing success, for the market has continually grown – as has our animation design content.

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Trick or treat? The question asked every year on Halloween. Our answer? Let’s have both! If you really want to show the children ringing at your front door who’s running the show, you won’t be able to get past Trolli this year. All this madness packed into one multimix bag. Gawkers, Dracula, bats, skeletons, gravestones. Wickedly delicious! Now in your supermarket and – packed in our new animation highlight – on TV.

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