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by To Think

To Think Issue 3

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TO THINK is a magazine that explores thoughts and conversation on visual culture.

Each issue of TO THINK asks just one question and aims to see what happens when we place deep thinkers together by raising debate around questions we are constantly faced with; and by doing so deliberately force new collisions and contrasts that allow us to see thinking in new ways.

“Time to think has become the ultimate luxury.”

How do we think forever in a world running out of time?

To Think Tomorrow - Issue 03

How do we accelerate towards a new future when we're shackled to today?

In Thought with Robin Maynard, Ambassador Peter Thomson, Jeremy Oppenheim, Arthur Wood, Dr. Greg Bailey, J.B Mackinnon, Jose Manuel Moller, Ernst Van Orsouw, Dr. Luke Haverhals, Vaitea Cowan, Ajaz Ahmed and Dr. Vandana Shiva.

Each issue of to think brings together provocateurs, entrepreneurs, designers and mavericks to debate a single question with the aim of provoking debate and opening up fulfilling thought. Our hope is that to think will provide the necessary moments of quiet to stop, contemplate and think.

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