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by The Laboratory Arts Collective

The Lab Mag: Natura Issue

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The NATURA issue is an exploration of nature. A reminder of how full of wonder the natural world is and how it inspires and connects us all.

We created this edition to give voice to the water, the air, the land, the sky, the trees, and the creatures who do not speak our language but who we share this blue planet with.

Our contributors care deeply about the environment and the influence of nature on their work is profound. It is our hope that this edition amplifies their message.

Each Lab Mag issue is to be treasured as works of art, produced by artisans for a discerning audience.

Contributors in alphabetical order:
Adelle Lutz, Alessandro Gualtieri, Allison Peck, Amir H. Fallah, Andy Scott, APOLO, Ashley Longshore, Aunty Ivy, Bettina Hubby, Chaz Guest, Chief Danny Ramos, Cleon Peterson, Courtney Mattison, Cryptik, Doug Red Hail Pineda, Eddie Donaldson, Gabriele Tinti, Great Grandmother Mary Lyons, Jana Winderen, Jim Baab, Joy Harjo, JR, Kandymaku Busintana, Leila Jeffreys, Lena Herzog, Lilly Daychief, Lisa Carroll, Louise Salter, Luke Frost, Martina Car, Manny Sayes, Max Daly, MEAR ONE, Mr Mor Thiam, Nigel Daly, Orly Anan, RA Friedman, Rabbit Rabbit Radio, Rachel Megawhat, Roger Ballen, Samuel James, Shepard Fairey, Shifu Shi Yan Ming, Slick, Sukie Smith, Tatiana Suarez, Theo Jansen, Tyne O’Connell, Victoria Cassinova


The Lab Mag brings original experiences to curious minds. We create events, make films and publish magazines. Our collectible biannual print editions are made with the utmost care and quality, and each one explores a new theme. The Lab Mag celebrates the work of established and emerging artists from around the globe as well as cultural czars, designers, filmmakers, creators, free thinkers, rebellious spirits and pioneers in contemporary culture. The Lab Mag is a catalyst. A reminder that the world is full of wonder and our reason for being is to keep the flame of curiosity burning.

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