The Coffeemonsters Book

by Stefan Kuhnigk


Coffee is spilled everyday. When designer and copywriter Stefan Kuhnigk found a coffee spill on a piece of paper one day at the office he instantly felt creatively inspired. He turned the stain into a monster and the Coffeemonsters were born. He hasn’t stopped since and draws a new one every day. He only uses the best coffee for his stains and allows the paper to dry for four to six hours, until he draws on the stain. Thus the stain becomes a tiny, happy monster, embedded in a happy little story. Like Jim or Bobby, two of over 550 monsters that are known, loved, liked and shared by more than 30,000 people all over the world. One monster has even been given away as a prize recently by SPIEGEL ONLINE. Reason enough to finally immortalize them in print and devote The Coffeemonsters Book to the 100 most loved monsters. With an extra of eight detachable postcards.

ISBN: 978-3-945772-16-4
Stefan Kuhnigk
21 x 21 cm
208 Pages, Hardcover
May 2016