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by Terrible People

Terrible People Issue 6

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Terrible People is a satirical culture magazine which aims to display the “dark sides” of human nature in a funny and satirical way.

Its main objectives are to open up people’s minds to new ways of thinking and to make them reflect on their own behaviour and lives while still being entertaining and amusing.

If you’ve ever wondered why people do some stupid things, so have they...

The magazine features articles on politics, lifestyle topics, and the peculiarities of different cultures, as well as photo features and illustrations. 


Culture, Society, Music & Shit

Our sixth issue presents a special focus on the cacophony that life can be. Because we couldn’t help but wonder: what would this world be without the sweet sounds of music?

More people are rising up the charts to become terrible people. In a current world state like this, they sing and perform louder than ever. So let this sarcastic and mocking issue show you the darker side in all of us.

And here's a little sneak peak of some of this issues greatest hits:

  • An insightful interview with Damon Dominique about being a Global Citizen and discovering the World
  • An investigation into solving the greatest unsolved modern mystery: who the hell created our obsession with serial killers?
  • A photo series of people losing control over their bodies to the sound of music... a real murder on the dancefloor
  • A gallery of the best (worst) Impersonators of legendary musicians by Futur Radieux
  • An illustrated dive into a Mosh Pit with Sofia with F 
  • A self-reflection and exploration on modern Cults (Swifties and FlatEarthers and Cryptobros, we see you).
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