STUDIO Magazine Issue 3


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STUDIO defines itself as a well-curated, gallery-style publication showcasing contemporary fashion and art photography. STUDIO explores and engages these disciplines in dialogue with one another, tracing conceptual ideas in each field and freely bringing them together. STUDIO gives creative freedom to photographers and stylists, who are urged to create stories that are inspirational to them. STUDIO looks for unique vantage points that add something meaningful to the conversation about current culture: from tracing the effects of identity politics in fashion to surveying topics of digital isolation in contemporary art, STUDIO is a platform for finding unexpected links between all disciplines. STUDIO brings a Swiss refinement to its conceptual approach, pushing a new European vision to the international market.



Suggestively testing the boundary between life and art. A reality sustained by beliefs and illusions. When we can no longer trust our eyes, doubts disrupt our sense of authenticity. Sensuality and explicitness. Two different realities that meet and cross-pollinate to expose alienation.