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by Spike Art Quarterly

Spike Art Magazine #65

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Issue 65 –  Autumn 2020

Let’s listen in to the world of plants, those living creatures whose future is inextricably linked to ours, and get in touch with our vegetal selves. As temperatures kept rising, we asked what it is that we want from nature, and what nature wants from us. Is the solution to let nonhuman species do their own thing, or are we missing something in understanding how a tree, a flower, or grass moves through the Earth without the weight of a human brain? Are the trees actually watching us? Take a deep breath, lie under your favourite greenery, and find the plastic rose at the end of the rainbow.

Contributions by Carolina Caycedo, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Barbara Piwowarska, Zheng Guogu & Yujia Bian, Emanuele Coccia, Jamieson Webster, Merlin Sheldrake & Ben Vickers, Oliver Basciano, Natasha Myers, Philippe Van Cauteren, Harry Burke, Antje Majewski, Ingo Niermann, Alessandro Bava, Els Lagrou, Julien Bismuth, Jaime Chu, and many more.



Founded by the artist Rita Vitorelli in 2004, Spike is a contemporary art magazine aimed at sustaining a vigorous, independent, and meaningful art criticism. At the heart of each issue are feature essays by leading critics and curators on artists making work that plays a significant role in current debates. Situated between art theory and practice and ranging far beyond its editorial base in Vienna and Berlin, Spike is both rigorously academic and stylishly essayistic. Spike’s renowned pool of contributing writers, artists, collectors and gallerists observe and reflect on contemporary art and analyse international developments in contemporary culture, offering its readers both intimacy and immediacy through an unusually open editorial approach that is not afraid of controversy and provocation. 

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