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by Some Magazine

Some Magazine #14 – Print

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A magazine between Design and Art – Bilingual: German/English

The new issue on the theme of PRINT was conceived, researched and designed by us: Anika Halbach, Monique Petermann und Hanna Tracz, design students at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Sven Völker. We talked to very different artists like Uwe Loesch, Secret Riso Club, Dyke Magazine, Do you read me?! and many others about print, publications, posters and the design work in between. We take you back to the 60s, when the activist DIY scene was booming, to the 80s, when the poster was one of the most important design media. We see how current print can still be today through the example of the “Queer Reads Library“, which provides access to queer books and zines for many people. The magazine is an ode to print and a loud statement that print lives and will never die. This issue includes a poster by Chris Vargas, a postcard from Dyke Magazine, and a bill from Jürgen Kuhl.


Created by design students of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam under the direction of Prof. Sven Völker. Between 2010 and 2015 Some Magazine was already published and sold internationally in independent magazine stores and museums. The magazine is bilingual: German/English and is located at the intersection between art and design. A special feature of the magazine are the limited posters that accompany it, which always have a rarity and collector's value.

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