Soft Punk Magazine Issue 01

by Soft Punk

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The Quarterly Prying Sense From Our Strange Present | Fiction - Non-Fiction - Poetry – Criticism - Fine Arts - Photography

Melding literary sensibilities with street and youth aesthetics, we’re doing away with distinctions between “high” and “low” culture, one issue at a time.


Written work from:
Sam Broadway
Ryan Killian Krause
Tyler Meese
Nell Mittelstead
Frani O'Toole
Annamaria Olsson
Henry Reichard
Søren Steensig

Photography from:
Sera Akyazici
Sam Broadway
Lukas Cox
Fionn McGinley
Matt Nadel

Fine Art from:
Natasha Cheung
Sarah Courville
Anna-Sofie Jespersen
Marie Louise Taarnskov

Interviews with:
Fabian Saul, Editor-in-Chief of Flaneur Magazine
DJ Jana Woodstock


Soft Punk is a literary arts and culture quarterly, based between London and New York. We are intentionally agnostic of a “house style” and liberated from dogmatic conceptions of brow. Our reporting is fair, our fiction vulnerable, and our criticism unwavering. We curate emotive, insightful, and occasionally brazen visual features, with generous space reserved for poetry and art of all mediums.

In the vacuum left by an ever-shrinking landscape of culturally inquisitive outlets, we felt something needed to budge. So here we are pushing.