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SOFA III – Masculinities

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Life Is A Chatroom.

SOFA is a new magazine that uncovers and defines the now and looks into the near future. Exploring one tantalizing, terrifying, tantamount or taboo topic per issue while sitting on a digital/analog sofa with cool & controversial people.

Issue 3 – Masculinities / Oh Boy!

After Generation Z’s prophecies in SOFA I, which showed, among other dazzling themes, how digital life informs contemporary identity, personal relationship and power for teens today—and the deeper journey into cyberspace with post-teens for SOFA II—SOFA III tackles one of the most fascinating and controversial topics of now: men, masculinities and male identity & power in transformation.
While orbiting the new frontiers of intimate pow-wows on 'trigger topics' like #MeToo, and boy body image, the deep influence of porn, love on social media, sad boys, men’s mental health, dad complexes, sexual personaes, Virgil Abloh, Gucci and more, we uncover some hidden truths under the surface of male bravado. Our cover interview with Maurice Ernst, the lead singer of Austrian rockstars Bilderbuch, reveals more of the shifting realities beneath the glitz of alpha male culture. By giving voice to men’s thoughts and feelings at a key moment of history — when boys and men have never been socialized or encouraged to express vulnerability — SOFA III captures the zeitgeist that everyone is longing for.

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