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by Slanted

Slanted Magazine #40 – Experimental Type 2.0

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Since Slanted Magazine #40—Experimental Type sold out in a very short time and a lot of people continued asking if Slanted Publishers had issues left, they decided to reprint the publication—roughly the same, but different. Meaning all pages all black and white this time further some additional work.

Experimental Type deals with experimental design strategies in typography and graphic design. The issue presents projects incorporating the accident into the design process, works based on mistakes and inaccuracy, fonts that derive from a concept or a system—in the end work that experiment or goes unconventional ways in design. The publication showcases cutting edge approaches as well as new experimental procedures, from processing to ai-generated typefaces or variable fonts.

The different works offer glimpses into spaces that were explored by pushing conventions, limitations, and thoughts to the next level. It is clear though, that the game is never over. The discovery of new areas, technologies, and thoughts are a constant source of inspiration, research, and experimentation for those that follow.


Slanted Publishers is an internationally active publishing and media house founded by Lars Harmsen and Julia Kahl. They publish the award-winning print magazine Slanted, covering international developments in design and culture twice a year as well as other design-related projects and publications in the field of typography, contemporary art, and design.

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