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by Sindroms

Sindroms Magazine Issue 6 – Blue

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Sindroms is a journal of monochrome states of mind. It is a print magazine published biannualy, curating its content based on specific colours, investigating them across culture and immersing its readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each colour.

When deciding to work with blue in 2021, Sindroms Magazine knew this issue was going to explore the blues. It was personal. It was necessary. We were coming out the other end of a year-long lockdown. Of missing family and friends. Of cancelled celebrations, projects and work gone to waste. 

This edition is an exploration of the blues through emotional archeology. What makes us miss the things and people we miss? Is it important to cry? Why is romanticism a source of the blues, and what comfort food do we turn to when blue? What do we do in order to heal? What do designers and artists have to say on creating while feeling blue? How does it affect our creative process?

Going through the blues is a deeply personal journey, and so is this issue. Personal, subjective, unfiltered, as felt and lived by us and our contributors. Light at times, heavy at times. Just like the blues. We feel humbled and grateful to our contributors who have chosen to share pieces of themselves — of their blues, of their grief, of their hopes. 

The Blue Sindrom is a collection of these pieces. Treat them kindly.

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