Grid 02 Side Table – Black

by weld & co


Despite its small size, our Grid 02 Side Table is sure to be the center of attention. The distinctive grid of the tabletop makes a powerful design statement. Despite – or because of – its strong personality, the coffee table is ideal for pairing with design classics.

Its low height allows the Grid 02 Side Table to fit perfectly under the round side tables of the Solid & Grid collection – so you can create attractive groupings of nesting tables.

Its u-shaped legs makes the Grid 02 Side Table suitable for patios and balconies as well.

Steel sheet with powder coating

30cm × 40cm × 40cm

About the Solid & Grid collection
In designing our Solid & Grid collection, weld & co set out to create a style-defining, recurring graphical structure for furniture and home accessories. We were aiming for a pattern that looks light and elegant while offering sturdy durability. And we achieved this with a diagonally cut grid made of steel. After we came up with our first models featuring diagonal slits, we designed several solid versions as well. 

Deliverytime: 2 up to 4 weeks