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by Seed Magazine

Seed Magazine Volume 05

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Celebrating food, craft, travel and sustainable living, Seed caters to the rapidly-widening public interest in environmental and sustainable lifestyle issues. By sharing the voices of artists, makers and thinkers in the fields of sustainability, farming, craft, wellness and travel, we hope to offer a thought-provoking, intelligent and objective dive into some of the issues’ most pressing questions as well as provide inspiration to gently encourage readers to question their choices and make changes to their behaviour. Seed is edited by Carole Bamford. As the founder of Daylesford, she is recognised as a visionary in organic farming, and has been a champion of sustainable living for over 40 years.


Seed’s fifth volume considers the role that movement plays in human wellbeing, but also its significance within art and nature – from cycling and heritage craftsmanship to stone balancing, the moon’s phases and the mysterious world of mycelium.

The cover was shot by photographer Søren Solkær, showing starling murmurations in the skies of southern Denmark.

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