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RISIKO Issue 4 – Pop!

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RISIKO, an independent magazine based in Berlin that covers contemporary German underground and alternative music, publishes its third issue, RISIKO Issue 3 "HAMBURG".


RISIKO Issue 4 focuses on female artists.
This issue centres on female "POP!" artists and delves into their relationships and inspirations. Beginning with a spotlight on Malaria!, the magazine then takes a look at current young artists. Furthermore, it explores connections that transcend nations and eras, such as Anika and SQÜRL or Nina Hagen and Isolation Berlin.
The cover artwork, logos and fonts using only dots were created by Hiroshi Iguchi, a graphic designer based in Tokyo. Drawn with a series of dots, he created a unique piece that depicts a fictional band consisting of some of the featured artists.

<Featured Artists>
2raumwohnung, Bettina Köster (Malaria!, Mania D.), Carambolage, Chicks on Speed, Claudia Skoda,
Cosey Mueller, Dane Joe (Jealous), Discovery Zone, Franz Bargmann (Camera, Michael Rother),
Gillian Gilbert (New Order, The Other Two), Gudrun Gut (Malaria!, Mania D., Matador), Güner Künier,
Hans Lampe (La Düsseldorf, NEU!), Kristof Hahn (Swans, Angels of Light, Sometimes With Others),
Larry Schemel (Death Valley Girls), Martina Weith (Östro 430), Mary Ocher, Michael Rother (NEU!,
Harmonia, Kraftwerk), Post Neo, Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, E.A.R.), SQÜRL, Stephen
Morris (New Order, Joy Division, The Other Two), SUCK, Tobias Bamborschke (Isolation Berlin),
Toby Izui, Wolfgang Müller (Die Tödliche Doris), Yann Tiersen

Here's a little sneak peak of what you can expect in this issue:
● Malaria! 2023
Malaria! was a German New Wave band that worked throughout the 80s, impacting the scene with
their unique sound and style. We connect Italy based Bettina Köster and Gudrun Gut, based in Berlin,
to delve into the backstory of Malaria! and discuss recent events.
● Q&A! by Dane Joe (Jealous) × Larry Schemel (Death Valley Girls)
Dane Joe is a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. She chose Larry Schemel, from LA-based
garage-psychedelic band Death Valley Girls, as her interview partner. In this Q&A interview, they
asked each other questions about their lives and artistry.
● Mary's Room!
Mary Ocher is a singer-songwriter with a unique worldview. We dropped by her place to talk about
interior design and what she's recently been up to.
Cosey Mueller and Güner Künier are artists and good friends. What does the current Berlin
underground scene mean to them?
● BERLIN '23
SQÜRL is a band that was founded by film director Jim Jarmusch and film producer Carter Logan.
They talk about their collaboration with Anika for their latest album, Silver Haze, and reminisce about
Risiko Bar which is a place Jim used to frequent.
● Memories with Denki Groove and Toby Izui
2raumwohnung is a German electro-pop duo. They reflect on their long-standing connections with
Japanese musicians and share some of their thoughts.

● All art is conversation . The best art is obsession .
During the POP MESSE festival in Brno, Czech Republic, we sat down with Sonic Boom to talk about
resetting, birthdays and enjoying life.
● I want to be like Nina Hagen!
"I want to be like Nina Hagen" – Tobias Bamborschke from Isolation Berlin sings this song with so
much respect for her. He tells us how Nina Hagen and her works influenced him.
● 50 Years of NEU!
Accompanied by exclusive photography from the event celebrating 50 years of NEU!, we look at the
messages that Michael Rother received from guest artists like Stephen Morris from New Order, Yann
Tiersen, Chicks on Speed and other artists.

All of the text is written side by side in English and Japanese with the aim to distribute RISIKO outside of Germany. 

I thought about women in music.
For me, they're groundbreaking.
Some people say that girl bands are short-lived and so on.
But for me, they're groundbreaking.
Energy, challenges, humour, and tears.
They emerge and shine everywhere.
We tried to capture the brilliance of these gems.
Simply put, the artists I'm interested in right now are mainly female.
POP! doesn't refer to pop music at all, but a popping sound.
I liked the sound of POP! That's it.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Yukiko Yamane (from the introduction)

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