Puss Puss Magazine Issue 10

by Puss Puss

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Charli XCX – Christine & the Queens – Andreea Diaconu – Ramla Ali – Jordan Barrett – Paloma Elsesser – Léa Julian – Reese & Molly Blutstein – Quinn Wilson – Cass Bird and many more.


In a time of division and a world that is becoming more fragmented, there is an even bigger need for us to come together as human beings, regardless of our political views and differences. Some of us have a community in the place where we grow up or we go off and find our ‘tribe’ elsewhere who we connect with. A magazine is also something of a community – like-minded people with a vision that aligns and manifests itself on the printed pages. Our subjects are also people who bring together worlds that, on paper, sound irreconcilable yet are brought together in the most beautiful ways. Welcome to the togetherness issue!

PUSS PUSS is an international, bi-annual magazine and online platform for culture, fashion, music and cat lovers. PUSS PUSS is inspired by people who go their own way and are not influenced or told by others what to do – just like cats!

PUSS PUSS features interviews, articles and fashion shoots by the most exciting established and up-and-coming talent from around the world presented in a luxurious edition printed on the highest quality paper in the UK that becomes a collectable item. Past contributors include Grace Coddington, Chloë Sevigny, Tyler, The Creator, Ai Weiwei, India Menuez, Ren Hang, Charlotte Olympia, Juergen Teller, Gia Coppola, Michel Gaubert, Cass Bird, Michele Lamy, Chloe Wise, Kelela and many more.