Posterzine #48 – Zipeng Zhu

by People of Print

Sold out

Obsessed with obscenely bright colours is NYC-based Zipeng Zhu, designer, illustrator, animator and art director who wants to make every day a "razzle-dazzle musical" according to his brilliantly bold website (if you have epilepsy then we advise for you not to go on this website as flashing images and colours may occur). Read an exclusive interview with Zipeng along with a selection of some of his finest work. We're in love with his typographic "Fuck hard, fuck work, fuck hard, hard work" A1 poster!

Posterzine™ is People of Print's monthly publishing project taking the form of a mini-magazine which folds out into a gorgeous A1 format poster (594x841mm). Printed by Pressision Ltd using (usually) two special spot colours onto high-quality GFSmith Naturalis paper.