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by Plasma

Plasma Magazine Issue 6 – Life As You Are

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PLASMA magazine is an international publication showcasing contributions from the art and science worlds. This compilation of art and science and the points at which these two lines cross, is a unique focus.


At PLASMA we always wonder: if extraterrestrials ever paid us a visit, what would we want to show them? We'd like to make a good impression, right?

PLASMA 6 turns its gaze towards the pale blue dot. This issue's Earth-centric focus is highlighted by articles featuring everything from environmental issues to artistic perspectives, and ultimately sheds a new light on the meaning of our space endeavors. To understand the motivations better, we talked to the engineers behind the latest SpaceX Dragon missions and inspiring women in STEM.

Additionally, we explore the alternative realities of Rick & Morty, Sailor Moon and jump into the physics of time travel. Our latest issue also includes a huge centerfold poster of SPACE PLANTS.

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