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by Pin-Up

Pin-Up Issue 35 – Environments

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Winter 2023/24

The word “environment” is often used in the same breath as sustainability, efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions. An expanded definition of environments evokes a more profound sense of consciousness in the spaces in which we find ourselves; the objects and rituals we use as forms or tools of communication; and the terms of hierarchy — architectural and beyond. Our environments aren’t just the spaces we take up or the ones that surround us as the seasons change — they’re everything we see, say, and do.

The French collective redefines movement in the contemporary multiverse
Interview by Jesse Seegers
Photography by Charlie Engman

The research-based architect convocates of nature and community
Interview by Emmanuel Olunkwa
Portraits by Bolade Banjo

The father of “green over gray” accords a rare audience
Interview by Michael Bullock
Portraits by Jeremy Liebman

The architect, educator, and activist fights on the side of the public good
Interview by Andrew Ayers
Portraits by Sam Clarke

Design Drafts #2, a 16-page supplement in collaboration with Nieuwe Instituut featuring five essays by a new generation of design writers

Also in the issue: Gustav Metzger’s anti-environment manifesto; the mixed-use late capitalist bodyscapes of Anna Uddenberg; the wondrous water world of Rachel Carson; the contested landscapes of Jamey Stillings; Plus interviews with creative director Dave Free on generating new artistic language, artist Rita McBride on her ongoing investigation of the public realm, designer Cat Snodgrass on stripping space down to essentials, architect Antonio Citterio on the spirit of Milan, L.A. renaissance man Harley Wertheimer on juggling his multiple ventures, lighting wiz Benoit Lalloz on his unique career trajectory, and Charlotte Macaux Perelman and Alexis Fabry on what makes Hermès’s universe Hermès

Plus: Kayode Ojo, Hajime Soroyama, Zaha Hadid, Mark Wasiuta, Jingru Cheng, and Brock Colyar



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