Pin-Up Issue 31 – Radical Optimism

by Pin-Up

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Fall/Winter 2021/11

What is RADICAL OPTIMISM!? A state of mind or a survival tactic? It feels like end of certainty — in media, politics, climate, and world order in general. But what is this the beginning of? These are the questioned asked (and some of them answered) in PIN–UP’s 31st edition.

The 82-year-old maker is still full of surprises
Interview by Emmanuel Olunkwa
Portraits by Caroline Tompkins

Bay Area polymath and the importance of retaining a childlike innocence
Interview by Nolan Boomer
Portraits by Damien Maloney

The scholar, designer, and curator commands our attention
Interview by Emmanuel Olunkwa
Portraits by Jeremy Liebman

The German-raised architect leaves his mark in Mexico City
Interview by Suleman Anaya
Portraits by Rosie Marks

A love story with MDF Italia in a Milanese parking lot, photographed by Francesco Nazardo; The return of rattan, by Camille Okhio; Bolade Banjo visits the late Charles Jencks’s Cosmic House in London; The Pejman Foundation in Tehran by Ahmadreza Schricker; A 1940s costume party with Alex Black and Maharam; Emilio Ambasz Institute director Carson Chan on his new role at MoMA; BoND Architects make their gallery debut; Peter Märkli’s architectural adventure Down Under; Victor Barragán trades fashion for design; painted cabinets by FreelingWaters; The forgotten world of Meta Memphis; and the thing about the interrobang.

PLUS: Keywords with curator Aric Chen, designer Sam Stewart, and architect Oana Stănescu.

AND: Toxic Positivy! A view on Big Tech’s architectural vision for the future



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