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Monocle: The Escapist Issue 2

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Monocle’s reimagined travel annual The Escapist is back. In our optimistic take on the world of travel and hospitality, we visit Brazil’s unspoiled Costa Verde, a pretty corner of Provence where a new crop of hoteliers is setting up shop and a smart new opening that captures the buoyant mood in Marrakech. Plus: Lufthansa’s next move, why the cruise isn’t sunk and Manhattan’s smartest bar. Where will it take you?


  • WELCOME: Our editor in chief gets the show on the road
  • CONTRIBUTORS: Meet some of the writers, photographers and illustrators who helped to put this issue together.
  • NEWS: From a round-up of new flight routes to a look at why Athens has emerged from the lockdown years with one of Europe’s most exciting food scenes, we present a rundown of the latest developments in the worlds of transport and hospitality.
  • VIEWS: Our intrepid correspondents offer up keen insights into where tourism is heading in 2024, exploring the quiet appeal of Canada’s vineyards, ways to charter a private jet, a provocative advertising campaign in Lithuania and more. Plus: an insider’s view of Singapore and the in-flight cocktails that will freshen any travel-weary palate.
  • INTERVIEWS: What’s the secret of good hotel design? And why is it important to stay open to serendipity, despite your best-laid plans? To find out the sector’s direction of travel, we speak to five people in the industry’s cockpit, including Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr and Alexandra Champalimaud, Founder and President of Champalimaud Design.
  • THE MONOCLE GUIDE TO SCOTLAND: Our extensive survey of Scotland goes far beyond the nation’s natural beauty to shine a spotlight on the makers, creators and entrepreneurs who make it a truly dynamic 21st-century destination.
  • THE NEW HOTELIERS: We profile the passionate hospitality enthusiasts who have traded in their day jobs to open their own guest houses in Kerala, Mexico City and beyond. Want to make the leap? Then learn from those who have checked in.
  • AT YOUR SERVICE: Our very own fixer offers readers some top travel tips, from an outdoor jaunt in Japan’s great north to beer and Bruegel in the Austrian capital.
  • LUBERON, FRANCE: This charming Provençal enclave is one of France’s lesser-known treasures. So pay a visit now. Just be sure to keep it to yourself.
  • COSTA VERDE, BRAZIL: Fuelled by fresh fish, fruit and a few glasses of sugar-cane rum, we journey along Brazil’s often under-appreciated coastline.
  • MARBELLA, SPAIN: No longer just an aristocrat’s retreat, this Andalusian city has evolved into a welcoming year-round hub for its global visitors.
  • NAGASAKI, JAPAN: Historically Japan’s window to the world, the port city of Nagasaki offers a dizzyingly rich mix of culinary, craft and cultural traditions.
  • MARRAKECH, MOROCCO: An intimate party with friends of the newly opened Farasha Farmhouse provides a window into the city’s thriving creative scene.
  • MENSWEAR: With the competing demands of functionality, comfort and style, the art of dressing for a life on the move can feel hard to master. From roomy bags for all your essentials to creaseproof fabrics, let us set you on the right track.
  • ORDER UP! Want to let your mind drift on the Nile? Or explore Iceland’s remote wilds? We share 15 ideas, opportunities and places to drop anchor in 2024.
  • THE MONOCLE HONG KONG 50: As Hong Kong re-establishes itself on the global stage, we give you 50 reasons to revisit the vibrant city.
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