MC1R #7 – Blow Up Issue

by MC1R



MC1R (the "ginger gene") Magazine is a high quality and limited print magazine: each issue deals with red hair and everything relating to it. Features cover everything from contemporary art, fashion editorials, interviews with musicians and designers, to stories about everyday life as a redhead, current events or a full new networking culture. MC1R Magazine is the first and only redheads magazine worldwide.


The blow up issue represents the latest projects we love all around global photography initiatives with redheads. This print copy is limited and exclusive, so make sure to get this beauty designed by Marcel Häusler, our new designer.

Contributors: Erika Lust, Joel Meyerowitz, Palina Rojinski, Henrik Alm, Jocelyn Lee, Thomas Knights, RED HOT, Ethan Gulley, Mia Bean Breitbart, Jonas Unger, SUNS CARE, Marc Jahn, Ricarda Brieden, Anna Rosova, Anastasia Egorova, Ella Uzan and many more.

Also available as a limited edition: the MC1R Sunscreen SPF 50. Better be safe than sorry this summer!