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Ladder shelf brecht

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The ladder shelf brecht combining versatile and accessable box shelves with a freestanding ladder. It’s a solid, bespoke construction. Giving a minimalist and relaxed feel to any space. brecht can be used individually or in combination, creating a modern, open cabinet with spaces for books, CDs and ornaments. brecht – functional, fashionable, beautiful

The ladder shelf brecht is available in three variations – the product we deliver is ready and without installation.

brecht 1: big box above (HxWxD 427x376x340 mm), little box below (HxWxD 193x376x340 mm)
brecht 2: little box above (HxWxD 193x376x340 mm), big box below (HxWxD 427x376x340 mm)
brecht 3: medium box above and below (HxWxD 310x376x340 mm)

Material ladder: oak, oiled
Material boxes: white multiplex

Measures: HxWxD 2178x450x340 mm

Entwurf: Jens Baumann

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