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by Konrad Ross

Konrad Ross

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The depth and complexity of Konrad Ross’s art can only be explained by the wide array of influences he subscribes to as well as his profound commitment to his craft. Besides the evident references to art history – not only discernible in the motifs he cites but also in the diverse techniques he applies – Konrad Ross is inspired by literature, philosophy, and ballet. His paintings often manifest an anthropologist’s dedication to the disquieting mythical foundations of human culture, as they reappear in contemporary art. His works are represented in public and private collections in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Austria, South Africa and the United States of America. This publication is a current selection showcasing his most important works.

With written words by Rolf Lauter and Brian Poole.

ISBN 978-3-945772-65-2
24 x 29,5 cm
120 pages
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