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by Klebstoff

Klebstoff Stickermag #11

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Print‘s not dead! While everbody sheds tears about their print sales, we just keep on printing. On to the next one – Klebstoff #11 is ready! This time we have handmade cookies out of the International Neighborhood focusing on the boards that mean the world. Miscellaneous artists we met at the infamous SHRED EXPO have contributed their artworks for Klebstoff Stickermag #11. To mantain a decent mixture there are illu nerds on board from all over the world. And pizza! Mmm… Pizza.

We‘re rolling with Azimet Ahmet (Turkey), Anton Akey (Ukraine), Brainfart (Switzerland), Capstan Design (Germany), Carlo Vivary (Germany), Dennis Gabbana (Germany), Foodie (Germany), Jasmin Roggenkamp/ Raccoon Skateboarding (Germany), Lance Schmale (Netherlands), Lara Swiontek (Germany), MUAH! (Germany), Nadja Barth (Germany), NLSN (USA), Pablo Perra (Germany), Paw (Spain), Pro Heroes (Greece), Rachel Oregan (Ireland), Ralph Niese (Germany), Solaris 100 (Germany), Tamar Moshkovitz GO-TAM (Germany), Tina Mamczur (Germany),Yusuke Inoue (Japan).

Publisher: International Neighborhood Publishing
Release: 2018
Pages: 48 p.
Format: 15 x 15 cm
Language: Englisch
Specials: over 200 peelable stickers

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