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by Toiletpaper

Kenzine Vol. 4

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Kenzine is a collaboration between Toiletpaper magazine and Kenzo. Named after Kenzo’s online blog, Kenzine has been published in a limited run of 2.400 numbered copies.

 The Toiletpaper creative team, met with Kenzo and created the advertising campaign for the Fall–Winter 2013, Spring–Summer 2014, Fall–Winter 2014 and now Spring–Summer 2015 season. Since 2011, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have been the creative directors of Kenzo. Thanks to their new vision, the label has revived the spirit which lies at the origin of its success. Founders of the concept store Opening Ceremony, launched in September 2002 in New York, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are now at the helm of Kenzo, aiming to inject their original energy into Parisian fashion.

Set in a graphic and futuristic universe, the team wanted to convey an optimistic utopia and also to provide an element of surprise in the images. The viewer witness is at once something instantly recognizable and familiar but upon closer reflection records an observation into the unknown. For Leon and Lim "Toiletpaper were an obvious choice to work with on this project. The strength and impact of their work is often in the most subtle visual tricks which become more powerful the longer you are exposed to them.”

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