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by It's Freezing in LA!

It's Freezing in LA – Issue 10

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IFLA! is an independent magazine with a fresh perspective on climate change. Too often, environmental discussion is polarised into one of two categories: the remote, technical language of science, or the hotheaded outrage of activism. We find the middle ground, inviting writers and illustrators from a variety of fields to give us their take on how climate change will affect — and is affecting — society.

We want to help untangle the climate tensions and choices that our generation will have to navigate by platforming as many different perspectives as we can find. IFLA! provides original, engaging and surprising content — widening environmental discussion and offering a range of vocabulary and insights not found elsewhere.


Issue 10: Plants

“In this milestone tenth issue, my last as Editor before handing over to Jackson and Nina, we explore these ideas more deeply. It's split into two halves. In the first, we take a look at the 'bad: the polluters, technocrats and companies erasing critically important green and blue spaces and failing to take action on the wider climate crisis. In the second, we turn to new ideas and varied conceptions of ecological systems. Across both we move through space and time: from colonial Botanic Gardens in India to generations of farming families in Latvia.

The selection of essays and images in this issue are a testament to the unique relationships we all have with plants and ecologies - in parts conscious, such as through gardening, in other ways less easy to name. These patterns and links are fundamental to our present resistance and future survival, transcending the daily grind of news and policy. And, this 'Plants' issue is a small contribution to a long tradition of sharing, passing down and recording knowledge of plants, weeds, and ecosystems. We hope it influences your own sense of the greenery around you, wherever and whenever you are reading this.” -Martha Dillon, Editor-in-chief

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