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by Important Magazine

Important Magazine Issue 3 – Vanity

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With a focus on unhindered and personal submissions revolving around a given theme, IMPORTANT MAGAZINE seeks to shine a transformative light on matters close to the heart of contemporary artists, photographers, scientists, chefs, animals, writers and spiritual beings. The aim is to bring the contributors a new platform where they can freely explore subjects outside their natural habitat and also put a more personal angle up front.

Issue 3 of IMPORTANT MAGAZINE is exploring the theme of VANITY. As a subject it not only plays to elegance and subtlety with intellectual flair but also individual signatures and elements of surprise. This issue contains an exposé of how we all are apt to create a shell identity on the way to our true selves and the shedding of all other fake IDs. Poetry that grasps the sky and the edge of a letter, feelings that overwhelm words. How do we as humans play with masquerades, movement, comparison, identification arranged as graphic intensity and sensory investigations. Photography and scenarios travel beyond 'mere' vanity to the realm of excellence and revelation. Skin texture and adornments being points to the sublime. All this warped and wefted as images and texts, ancient and modern.

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