by weld & co


Looking classic on the bookshelf or classy on the coffee table, our Grid and Solid bookends are the perfect functional home accessories for book lovers.

Featuring diagonal laser cutouts, Grid bookends can also be used to display cards, prints, or photos. Solid 01 Bookend and Grid 01 Bookend are available in black and white.

Steel sheet with powder coating

50 × 15 × 4 cm


About the Solid & Grid collection

In designing our Solid & Grid collection, we set out to create a style-defining, recurring graphical structure for furniture and home accessories. We were aiming for a pattern that looks light and elegant while offering sturdy durability. And we achieved this with a diagonally cut grid made of steel. After we came up with our first models featuring diagonal slits, we designed several solid versions as well.

 Delivery time: 2 up to 4 weeks