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by Glitch

Glitch Magazine Issue 1

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A collector must have — The DNA Fall Issue 

A disruptive magazine that seamlessly merges the world of fashion with augmented reality (AR) technology with an Augmented Cover and other interactive filters. Simply tap into our Instagram profile to access.

Our mission: 
To give collectors a unique experience that challenges the traditional boundaries of the fashion industry and celebrates the spirit of nonconformity.

Our “DNA” theme pays homage to the dynamic Generation Z. These digital natives, with their innate ability to blend the virtual with the tangible, are the heartbeat of our inaugural edition. Their stories, voices, and visions are the threads that weave our narrative.

“TENSHO” is one such narrative, Nominated in the London Fashion Film Festival.
An exclusive story that takes you on a thrilling interstellar journey alongside six powerful female protagonists. Their mission is to colonize the vast and unknown regions of the cosmos, and their tale of growth, transformation, and rebirth draws its inspiration from the Japanese goddess Amaterasu. The creation of Art Director Elisabetta Giovi and Photographer Ced Pakusevskij, both of whom are exceptionally talented.

Spanning 352 pages and sized at a generous 230 × 340 cm, each softcover edition of GLITCH is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and fashion.

GLITCH Magazine explores the potential of AR and AI to enhance our physical and digital worlds, fostering lasting connections between users, brands, and creators. As a fashion trailblazer, GLITCH sets the tone for the future.

A magazine made not to be thrown away.

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