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Food& Losers

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Food& is a Berlin based biannual art publication that explores unusual encounters with food. Issue 5 is titled Food& Losers – Inbetween consuming and not winning.  Previous titles were &Sports, &Aliens, &Nuclear War, and &Love.

The magazine is an experiment; a reflection on the relation and use of one of our most basic needs; an excuse to meet new people and spread their work; a strange and fun assignment.


Food& Losers is featuring: Alex Weir, Alif Ibrahim, Angela Fox, Anna Breit, Ashkan Sahihi, Bailan Lan, Bep Broos, Blanca Font, Carolin Martin, Cécile Vexler, Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul, Chenille Harris, Chris Sav, Eva Pedroza, Eve Ahearn, Ilka & Franz, Jale Reyhan Sengul,

Jiaqing Mo, Juan Gabriel Miño, Johanna Michel, Jolanda Obleser, Juliette Quédec, Kit Fletcher, Leopold & Ulrich, Luyi Wang, Mariangela Gallo, Martha Burger, Melina Matzanke, Nele Mailin Obermüller, Nicole Buckland, Pati De, Paula Blower, Pete Hillstrom, Philippe Cavaleri, Robert Norman, Sam Dixon, Sam Selley, Santiago Dammert, Ellie Walton, Si Tang, Sid and Geri, Sophia Weisstub, Stefania Zanetti, Veronica Manchego, Whitney Flores.
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