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by Fare Magazine

Fare Magazine – Issue 5: Glasgow

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Fare connects armchair travelers with immersive and nuanced stories from cities around the world, and also serves as a kind of roadmap for those who are ready to make the actual trip to see things for themselves.

Scotland’s biggest city is a buzzing place; an inspired home to self-starters and young creatives, and a city abounding in grit, good humour, and warmth.

In this issue, we seek to connect readers with our version of Glasgow, a lively city that wears its heart on its sleeve; a place that’s full of lush greens and lined with beautiful, bright sandstone tenements and Victorian edifices and a home to creatives of all types. Located just along Scotland's rugged western shores, Glasgow is able to access the nation's excellent natural larder, while also proving itself a hub to thoughtful vegan and vegetarian dining.

In Fare Issue 05: Glasgow:

  • Cult favorite Ranjit's Kitchen, where Ranjit and her family bring a mix of locals together over home-cooked Punjabi food

  • Lunch with local potter Jono Smart in his studio in the Southside of Glasgow

  • A look into the GalGael workshop, a community-led shipbuilding project that goes beyond woodworking

  • The socially conscious cafés tackling the city's social inequalities and sustainability issues

  • A conversation with beloved Glasgow-born writer, artist, and playwright Alasdair Gray

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