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FACT Magazine Issue 05

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Fact returns to print as a new large format bi-annual magazine. Published bi-annually, Fact magazine celebrates the new wave of artists, performers and producers spearheading a global cultural movement – commissioning a diverse community of writers, image makers and artists to create striking, long-form content. Operating at the convergence of electronic music and audio-visual art, technology and creativity, fact and fiction, Fact will champion those creatives shaping our future.


Fact launches art and gaming print issue featuring Gabriel Massan & LYZZA, Jon Rafman and Kali Malone.

Fact’s freshly redesigned print magazine also features Theo Triantafyllidis, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley and Campbell Addy.

Gabriel Massan & LYZZA, Jon Rafman, Kali Malone and Gabriel Moses feature on the cover of Fact’s S/S 2023 issue, which also focuses on the artists pushing video games into exciting, unexpected directions.

Inside this issue of the freshly redesigned Fact is an original artistic contribution by Jon Rafman, whose computer-generated fever dream Minor Daemon recently exhibited at 180 Studios. This was also the setting for the cover photoshoot with Gabriel Massan and LYZZA, whose accompanying interview details Massan’s Third World, which they describe as a “consciousness-raising game that explores Black-indigenous Brazilian experience.”

Elsewhere in Fact issue five, we shine a light on the absurd genius of Theo Triantafyllidis, whose works typically consist of immersive environments which double as humorous social commentary on the neoliberal forces shaping the internet today, and artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, who discusses how her art investigates the ways in which digital media and technologies are an extension of our material existences.

In addition, Hans Ulrich Obrist asks a range of artists what elements every good video game should have, and we take a retro-futurist look at our Future Shock exhibition as we prepare to launch a virtual version created by the artist Weirdcore.

Beyond art and gaming, Fact’s new issue also celebrates the unique and diverse artistic visions of Kali Malone and Martine Syms, as well as Campbell Addy and Gabriel Moses, who recently held acclaimed solo exhibitions at 180 Studios.

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