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EyeEm Volume 3

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Volume 3: BY WOMEN

Simply put: EyeEm By Women celebrates women in the arts. In so much media, and in so many magazines, it feels like real life is missing something, or someone. Although you can definitely feel a tide coming, change is a work in progress, and – while we don't like to play favourites – we felt it was time for something that belonged to the girls, especially since 52 per cent of EyeEm photographers are female. What we offer you here is over 40 photographers – aged 15 to 51, largely undiscovered and unseen – sharing real portrayals of women in this world – no studios, no spotlights, and definitely no retouching. Our aim was not to simply show the diversity of the female experience – which in itself is obvious – but rather the idea that there aren't enough spaces for women to showcase their work in a signature way, not on gallery walls nor in magazine pages.
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