Ephemera Magazine #7/8 – Work/Play

by Ephemera Magazine

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Ephemera is a published work exploring topics typically seen as ephemeral. The word “ephemera” refers to things that are used or enjoyed for a short time, or items that are expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.

This project is a testament to the fact that people often find meaning in what might typically be categorized as temporary or disposable. It  is an exploration of unexpected permanence (perceived or otherwise) in a world of rapid change.

Ephemera is a collection of work published biannually under Kastor & Pollux, curated, designed, and edited by Maegan Fidelino with editorial assistance from Stefan Chua. The magazine aims to explore multiple perspectives from a variety of thinkers and image makers, taking form in a softcover print publication.

This issue is about Work and Play—how they overlap and intersect, and our relationships to these themes, both separately and as a whole.