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by Elska

Elska #46 Madrid

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Elska is a bi-monthly photography and culture publication dedicated to sharing the bodies and voices of gay communities all over the world. Each issue is made in a different city where readers get to know to several local gay guys through honest photography and personal storytelling. One article described Elska as "part intellectual queer pin-up mag and part sexy anthropology journal", and another as "probably the nicest, most sincere magazine ever". We quite like that!


About Elska Madrid (Spain):

This issue, our 46th adventure, was made in Madrid. This marks our very first time in Spain, truly a long time coming, where we left wondering what took us so long.

Inside the issue you'll get our classic blend of honest photography and personal storytelling, revealing the lives of a smattering of ordinary local men from the Spanish capital. As usual for Elska, the experience is quite revealing, but for this Madrid series especially, the experience is rather moving. While the bodies of our Madrileño boys are being shared, it's especially their hearts that are on full display.

Some of the stories you'll read here include: Rodrigo F C's look back at love found during a protest march, Juanmanuel E B's piece on how giving pleasure to the one he loves is what gives himself pleasure, Santiago F C's story on how helping someone else helped him and changed him forever, and Ignacio P's inspiring tale on the emancipation of his body.

‘Elska Madrid’ features ten chapters, dedicated to the following local participants: Edu R M, Santiago F C, Luis Maura, Jose C M, Juanmanuel E B, Alonso R L, Pablo S M, Javier Conde, Rodrigo F C, Jose B, and Ignacio P.

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