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by Common Language

Common Language Issue 10

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There is a misunderstanding that opposes the individual and the collective. It is undoubtedly nourished by the contradictions of our time, when geographical borders are increasingly up for debate as they vanish through digital technology. A subjective reality where authenticity dresses itself up with a wide range of filters. Yet the collective remains a sum of individualities. It is the diversity of the latter that tends to make them thought of as entities with incompatible values. But if a community is made up of different personalities, what brings them together? 

Common Language. A shared language. One used by bodies to tell a story, one that is always singular and unique. The language of art, which connects the most distant cultures, thrills the emotions and starts dialogue that goes beyond stereotypes. It is out of a desire to share this universal language that this magazine was born. An atypical editorial project, it is being initiated by Chantelle Group, a set of brands whose stories are also different. Complementary visions united in a shared philosophy that holds quality, creativity and simplicity as its highest standards. 

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