Carton Animals

by Linus Hui

“The alias ‘Linus The Feel Good Factory’, which I have adopted since 2009, highlights both my efforts to fabricate humorous artworks and my scepticism for any feel-good factors. Using self-portraits and paper costumes, I explore the relationship between my fantasy-reality and my physical self. I project this fantasy world through child-like paper costumes, and use stiff and minimal forms to underline the tension between the ‘real me’ and the ‘fantasy me’. Anthropomorphism and humour play a great part in my creations. I find that anthropomorphism conveys messages and moods easily because the characters of old gods, animals and objects are well-established in our cultures. Whereas humour helps my creation to be more approachable, I also use satire to sugar-coat some of my more sinister moods. ‘Carton Animals’ is about breathing life into a mundane object. It is my first set of self-portraits which I use paper exclusively as my costumes. With a big carton over my head, I narrate brief, alliterative stories, replete with puns and wordplay, draw focus on the fluid human form and the rigid paper; with this contrast, each ‘Carton Animal’ creates its own background, tension and attitude. In its most rigid form, the carton box is whisked away from its practicality to the centre of my story telling.”

ISBN: 978-3-943061-37-6
Linus Hui
14,8 cm x 21 cm
36 Seiten