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C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE No. 1 – The Private Issue

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We interviewed a former Armani model who is now operating on the heart at the AKH Vienna, asked a sex doll salesman about his idea of love and closeness and talked to a young man who has completely shielded himself from electric radiation. We asked a Japanese artist who decided as a child to have her legs amputated whether something like intimacy even existed in this world. We investigate the thesis of what Ödön von Horváth has to do with bourgeois influencers and show a photographer who tries to capture the moment that is so intimate that we don't even notice it on photos: our sleep. The C/O Vienna Bookazine is a platform on which the diversity of voices that characterises our modern society echoes. There is no final word, only the individual voices and the pictures, glimpses into the private. So many good reasons to secure a limited edition!


C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE – a project that comes from our hearts! We believe the wonderful city of Vienna is not just the pomp of Schönbrunn Palace and the Lippizaner stallions, not just the handful of B and C-list celebrities in the media – rather it’s the many TERRIFIC PEOPLE who live here. Their IDEAS, their PROJECTS, their STORIES. Whether they’re creative, courageous, beautiful, bizarre, famous, or just average: The world out there needs to learn more about them.

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