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by Buffalozine

Buffalo Zine No. 17 – Coffee & Cigarettes

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The seventeenth issue of Buffalo Zine has been shot and printed for the first time completely in black and white. Intimate, reflective, essential and introspective – A gentle, quiet interlude for noisy times.

Featuring: Dev Hynes, Duane Michals, Ed Templeton, Eileen Myles, Jim Jarmusch, Max Richter, Rick Owens, Róisín Murphy & many more

Contributing Artists: Blommers & Schumm, Caroline Tompkins, Charles Negre, Daniel Arnold, Danielle Levitt, Ewen Spencer, Joyce NG, Julien Martinez-Leclerc, Katie Burnett, Omaïma Salem, Tim Elkaïm

Buffalo is a timeless and placeless expression of art, aesthetics, youth and self expression and puts the humour back into the world of fashion publications. The design and format changes with each issue, allowing the form to be as free as the content. Buffalo is as homemade as good bread – created with joy, love and devotion, like a personal diary or an orchard.

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