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by borshch

borshch Magazine #2

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BORSHCH #2 explores new releases and reissued wisdoms, soaks up the sense of revolt manifested in communities, and adheres to the purity of the DIY culture. The magazine introduces extended interviews with Volruptus, the youngster of the second issue who lands on the cover, as well as Steffi, Perc, Gudrun Gut, and Rødhåd. The issue discusses ideas behind the curation of Berlin Atonal in conversations with the festival organizers and Varg in a role of a guest curator. BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Species of Fishes offer precious history lessons on electronic music and inspire to dream of unearthly sounds. Loke Rahbek of Posh Isolation tells a story of the punk and noise scene in Copenhagen. And finally, BORSHCH does not hesitate to break away from misconceptions and shed light on the gradual development of electronic music culture in Kiev, with presidents and revolutions aside.

Interviews and conversations in BORSHCH aim to explore the stimuli and mechanisms within the synergy of people, music, and technology. Editor, Mariana Berezovska, draws connections between artists with various aesthetic backgrounds and their works. Combined with bold design by Tiago Biscaia and Rita Matos, the texts attempt to reveal the relations between creative paths, tools, and visions of electronic music producers and artists involved in this culture.

Language: English
Edition: 1000
Pages: 128
Size: 165 x 240mm

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