Bellissimo, Vol. 3 – German Language Multimedia Course

by Bellissimo

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Bellissimo is a project dedicated to glorify the understated.

Looking for style and character in places often ignored, but where people unapologetically follow their strong sense of aesthetic whatever that might be.

Bellissimo is about people and where they feel they belong, it’s about a place you were not thinking to visit anytime soon, how to get there, what to expect.

Bellissimo Volume 3 takes you to Germany and helps you prepare for your trip with a multimedia language course:

This manual was created to celebrate the wonderfully playful and rewarding German language. Its aim is to divulge the daily use of German to a broader audience, beyond car makers and fisting masters. Wrongfully perceived as the language of spanking and leather based pornography, German – or Germanian, as it’s often referred to – is one of the oldest codes known to humankind. This complex and twisted Viking dialect has been in use long before we started speaking about time with numbers. Our course, equipped with audiotapes, table of grammar, made up facts, illustrated pictures and highly performative photography, will give you the tools needed to have a wonderful time while passing through Germany, and to get the hell out quickly.

Tutto Bellissimo!